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Unlocking Career Changes

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Career changes can be daunting. I can help.


Career changes aren't always clear. "Should I look for a new role, or do I just need to refocus in my current role?". Or sometimes it's even more complex and you find yourself contemplating a promotion or a new role. What should you do?

That's what Barb found herself asking. To help make sense of her options she reached out to me for support.

"It's very intimidating changing organizations but Tiffany assisted in empowering me to make wise choices."

First, we needed to ensure she in fact had a new and exciting opportunity to consider - so we went to work crafting a new resume and cover letter.

"Tiffany took a very raw resume, that hadn't been updated in years, and crafted a true gem. Her forward thinking and intuitive nature allowed my "newly inspired" resume to shine."

The true benefit of resume redesign process isn't the resulting resume (although it was great!), it was how clear Barb got on her nuggets and the values that drive them. This clarity gave her an edge through the interview process as she expertly marketed her brand, skills, and expertise. It was no surprise she was offered the role.

Now she had 2 options: a promotion, or a new role.
Both had significant pros and cons.
Now what?

No one but Barb could answer "what should I do" - but life decisions like these don't come with a crystal ball or a road map. That's where coaching can help.

"I highly recommend a 1:1 coaching session with Tiffany. My session was amazing!"

"Tiffany allowed me to talk out all my uncertainties, fears and apprehensions about making a career move.

She asked all the right questions which allowed me to dig deep into what really motivates and drives me.

She reminded me about my passions and how important they are when making a career change."

Deep down, Barb knew what to do. I didn't tell her, I simply held up a mirror and helped her unlock her own decisions.

For Barb, the new role in a new organization was the right decision for her!
"I am certain that without Tiffany's resume expertise and amazing coaching abilities I wouldn't have landed my new role."

Congratulations Barb - I'm grateful to have been a part of your career journey and wish you all the very best in your new role with amii!

Not sure how to tackle a career change? Let's connect!
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