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Stand Out in 'The Great Resignation'

Are you part of the over 40% of employees considering leaving their current employer?

Microsoft is reporting over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their current employer in the next year.

LinkedIn's CEO Ryan Roslansky is calling it The Great Reshuffle

Gallup is terming it The Great Discontent

The workforce is changing - are you joining in?


The recruitment power imbalance is shifting

For the last year and a half, employers have held 'the power' in the employment relationship. Few were keen on making a job change in the middle of COVID turmoil. Employers knew this.

But now the tides are turning - and if you're within the 40% considering a job/career change, it's tipping in your favor! Sort-of.

While there is increased competition to hire top-talent (hello job offers above market rate), there's also increased competition to be recognized as that top-talent! That's where I come in.

Stand Out as Top-Talent

Now more than ever, having a strategy to identify your edge and stand out is key!

But marketing yourself, identifying your brand, developing an elevator pitch, creating an engaging resume/cover letter, interviewing for success, and navigating offer letters is intimidating!

Give yourself an edge in your job search. From career coaching support as you ponder joining #TheGreatResignation, to resume elevation, mock interview practice, offer negotiation, and more - I'll help you stand out as top-talent in the ever-growing talent pool.


Joining #TheGreatResignation? Let's work together to develop your EDGE so that you #StandOutGetHired.

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