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Uncomfortable feedback can lead to great success!

Your resume reflects you, your experience, and key accomplishments. Willingly asking someone to critique it can be uncomfortable, but as Cari discovered - it can also have great reward!

"This was the first resume I had to develop in 6 years, so I felt at a loss on how to successfully accomplish the task. I submitted a draft to Tiffany, knowing and accepting all constructive criticism from her would be done with my best interests in mind. She helped revise, declutter, and strengthen it, transforming it into a clear, concise, and confident resume.

I am happy to announce that this resume got me an interview time within hours after submitting it and a job offer in 2 weeks! It’s always hard to talk about yourself and brag about your accomplishments when developing a resume, but even further difficult to have someone critique it. But Tiffany always explained her reasons for suggesting what she did and did it with careful consideration to my feelings."

Early in my career, someone wisely told me "editing is always easier than creating". But as I've found, having your work (sometimes heavily) edited can be hard! And when that 'work' is your professional history in resume or cover-letter form, edit suggestions can feel even more personal.

I completely understand this discomfort! And while my feedback is robust and specific, it is ALWAYS given with kindness and respect. My goal through this sometimes uncomfortable process is two-fold:

  1. Give you tools to elevate the content, formatting, design, and brand

  2. Empower you recognize your unique value through exploration of your valuable experience and accomplishments.

Let's partner together, so that through a few versions and edits

you can #findyouredge,

and as Cari did, #standoutandgethired.

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