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Find Pride in the Journey - even with multiple lay-overs

Updated: May 12, 2021

Finding the right job is a journey. Often, it’s not the convenient, non-stop kind either. It’s a journey full of layovers, delays, cancellations and frustrations.

It’s easy to focus on the destination, and become discouraged when it takes longer than you’d hoped. Especially in our current COVID-impacted job market!

It’s important to respect and take pride in each step of the journey. These steps are accomplishments, and take hard work and determination to achieve. Be proud and celebrate along the way!

I can be your co-pilot on your journey. Whether it’s helping you chose a destination (career coaching), prepping you for take-off (resume, cover letter, candidate branding, etc), supporting you in-flight (interview prep and practice), or partnering on your landing (offer negotiation) – my support is tailored to your unique journey.

And I’ll remind you at every step to be proud of where you are today!

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