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Pigeonholed by Your Education?

Sometimes your level of education can make it harder,
rather than easier, to find a job.
Christina reached out to me struggling with just that. Here's how I was able to support her, in her own words:

"I came to Tiffany after struggling with my resume and job hunting for a couple of years. I had graduated from a master’s program that ended up having very few job opportunities and I was working in various research positions that were interesting but couldn’t provide me with the level of stability and growth I needed.

I had trouble articulating in my job applications how I could do the job, even if I knew I was very qualified, and I felt pigeonholed by my degree and previous experience.

Going through my resume with Tiffany really changed how I view resume writing and applying for jobs.

She was great at pulling on the skills and experience I already had to create a skills-based resume instead of sticking to the traditional chronological resume.

"I Felt Pigeonholed by my [Master's] degree and previous experience"

We also did a significant amount of work on my values to create a more general statement that embodied who I was and what I was all about to future employers.

Tiffany helped me put into practice all the things I knew about myself and my abilities when applying for jobs, and I ended up with an interview on the first job I applied for.

I now have a position that provides me with opportunity, growth, and stability, and I have confidence in my ability to have my resume reflect not only my job history, but myself as a person and what I stand for."

Feeling pigeonholed? Not sure how to articulate your skills, experience, or value because it doesn't directly relate to what you're applying for? I can help!
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