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Interview for Success and Avoid the Crickets...

Is this familiar:

  • Interviewer: “Tell me about a time when….”

  • Your brain: crickets.....

Or worse, because nerves, you say ALL THE THINGS <with no filter>, and in the end forget what you’re even answering?

If this is familiar – you’re not alone! And I can help.

The STAR interview response method is a tried, true, and widely known technique for answering these pesky questions. You organize your response in this order: Talk about the Situation, then the Task, and your Actions, and the Result.

But even those experienced in STAR still get caught up – many spend a lot of time on the “S” and “T”….and less on the “A” and “R”. Which is backwards!

When rating candidates after a round of interviews, often it’s not your experience or skills that give you a leg up, it’s how you handled the interview.

I can give you that edge. A leg up. So that in the end your interview stands out, and next thing you know – they’re asking for references and making an offer!

#standoutgethired #findyouredge #interviewforsuccess

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