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Identify Your Strengths, Create Your Edge.

Are you sifting through your experience and struggling to identify your unique edge? Or maybe your depth and breadth of experience has developed multiple diverse strengths - but you're not sure which of them truly jazz you?

You're not the only one! Terry can relate to your struggle:

"A job search can be lonely and it’s easy to get into the weeds or spin your wheels.

With Tiffany’s help I refocused and identified the type of work and organization I want to join and can now clearly articulate my value proposition to prospective employers."


Just because you're good at something, doesn't mean it's a strength.

Often as a leader or senior professional, progressing through larger roles adds more and more skills (aka tools) to your toolbox. And before you know it, (hopefully) you have an abundance of sharpened tools. But do you know which of these skills are your true strengths? Marcus Buckingham nails it noting:

"Strengths are not activities you're good at, they're activities that strengthen you. A strength is an activity that before you're doing it you look forward to doing it; while you're doing it, time goes by quickly and you can concentrate; after you've done it, it seems to fulfill a need of yours."

As a leader with 20+ years of diverse experience resulting in a well-rounded toolbox chalked full of successful skills and experience, Terry found it challenging to pin-point the tools he truly loves to utilize.

Sure, he can reach for any tool and use it well, but which ones were his true 'nuggets' that deserved highlight and focus in his search?


Find your nuggets, sell your edge!

Nuggets (I love this term!) are the specific mix of skills, experience, and strengths that only you possess - and that you love! It's the flavor you infuse into everything you do. It's your EDGE!

And even experienced communications professionals can struggle to narrow them down, and communicate them effectively in the job search journey.

This is where I can help! Sitting down (virtually) with Terry, I listened to him explain his experience, accomplishments, and STAR examples. As an unbiased 'outsider' - I have the unique opportunity to recognize 'nugget themes' that are often hard to self-identify.

Through a deep-dive into these themes, and a few key coaching questions, Terry honed in on the tools in his toolbox that are his nuggets - his true strengths. This clarity, rooted in what he really loves to do, provided direction and focus on the roles and organizations he targets, and created powerful value statements that clearly sell his edge.

Let's find YOUR edge

Looking at your toolbox and wondering what in it sets you a part? Let's work together to uncover and focus your 'nuggets' so that you can find your edge, stand out, and get hired!

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