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Cover Letter Recipe - 3 Key Ingredients

Cover Letters are like chocolate chip cookies - many people make them, using similar ingredients, but few make them so well that they truly stand out among the rest.

And just like cookies...

Some are mediocre (which doesn't excite you to keep eating).

Some are awful (so you don't even finish what you've started).

And precious few are SO good that you quickly eat the whole batch!

Let's create a Cover Letter that excites the reader to 'eat the whole batch'!

Cover letters should always include 3 key ingredients (and in this order):

Why are YOU the best candidate for the position?

Why does this position quicken your pulse?

Why are you keen to work for the organization?

And just like you shouldn't add raisins to chocolate chip cookies (seriously, yuck) - there are a few items you shouldn't add to a cover letter: photo, address, multiple pages, and all 'you' and no 'them' to name a few.

Each cover letter 'recipe' should also have it's own little twist. A touch of your personality, and a dash of your brand.

Put these all together - and you have a cover letter that stands out!

While these ingredients are relatively simple, creating the 'first batch' can be tricky. This is where I come in! Having sampled countless, and 'baked' many of my own (to great success I've been told), I can walk you through these steps, and other tips and tricks, so that you can establish your own tried and true recipe.

Don't be the cookie that gets left on the plate - let's partner together so you can be the one that stands out and prompts the 'can I have your recipe' response!

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