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Let's unlock your Edge, together

Each journey is unique - your support should be too

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(Career Coaching)

Unsure of where you are, or where you want to be? Thinking about a job search journey but not ready to take the first step? Let's start a contemplative discovery to help bring clarity to your career map.


(Application Coaching)

A robust review of a pre-flight checklist ensures a successful and safe flight. Let's go through your resume, cover letter,  LinkedIn and brand to ensure success in your job search journey!


(Interview Coaching)

You've taken off and are flying through the intimidating world of interviews. This part of the journey is dynamic, fluid, and if navigated successfully sets you up to land on the final runway.


(Offer Coaching)

Before your wheels can touch the ground, strategic preparation will ensure a successful landing. We'll review all the final steps needed to bring your journey to a successful end landing the job!

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