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Meet Tiffany

Certified Leadership Coach & HR Professional

You were told not to judge others, but people are judging you. You can change what they see—with my help.

You know how we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover? Well, with 12+ years of recruitment & HR experience, I’ve developed the ability to do just that.


Except in this case, you’re the book.


I can read you in just a few seconds. This is exactly what managers and recruiters are doing—judging you by snippets of who you actually are.


Fortunately, you can decide what they see, to write the book they want to read. I’m here to help you do that, and to land the job you deserve.


I’ve played the part of recruiter, HR manager, interview panelist, and recruitment co-ordinator. I’ve evaluated candidates from virtually every profession and industry in private, public, and non-profit sectors.


I’ve made the hiring decisions, and coached the managers making the decisions.


The difference between “that’s the one” and “not bad, let’s see what the others are like” usually isn’t based on skills or abilities—it’s based on perception of fit.


I’m keenly aware of what makes the special ones stand out, what makes them seem like the right fit.


I’m here to give you that edge. Stand out. Get Hired.


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