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Unlock Your Edge

Find your Edge above the rest with 

Tiffany Baker

Your Journey | Your Edge

Landing the perfect job is a journey.

Pre-Flight | Contemplating change: build your career

Boarding | Build Your Brand: resume, cover letter, etc.

In-flight | Represent well: interview preparation

Landing | Get what you're worth: offer negotiation / hiring

As you take flight, my 11 years of Recruitment/HR experience will help inspire, empower, and elevate you with one focus in mind:

Finding your Edge above the rest.

Inspire. Empower. Elevate

An Edge for each step of your journey


Contemplating change



Build your brand


Represent well



Get what you're worth



Your journey starts with one step.

Find your Edge today.

Connecting with Tiffany was critical to my job hunt success. I hadn't applied for a job since my early 20s and was still using tactics I learned in high school! Through honest and considerate coaching, Tiffany was able to turn my resume into something I could be proud to share with recruiters. Tiffany's interview coaching was thorough and she is clearly in-tune with current recruitment trends and tactics. Through our work together, my resume, interview skills and SELF-CONFIDENCE receive a much needed boost. I was able to confidently apply for jobs that were WORTH my expertise and I owe that all to Tiffany at Hire Edge.

~ Ariana Whitlow
    A-List Media

A job search can be lonely and it’s easy to get into the weeds or spin your wheels – with Tiffany’s help I refocused and identified the type of work and organization I want to join AND can now articulate my value proposition to prospective employers. 

~Terry Curtis

   Corporate Relations Leader